Secure Shredding Services

Manage Information Risk

U.S. government agencies announces the alarming figures on fraud and information leakage due to incorrect handling and destruction of confidential documents. All companies should take data security measures even when they have to be destroyed. Regardless of the medium on which data is stored, Innovacycle has all necessary equipment and experience to offer special operations and safe disposal of such material support.

With a simple email or call our company is at your disposal to secure and/or destroy your documents timely. From thin paper to cardboard, from microfilm, CDs, DVDs to computer hard drive Innovacycle company guarantees data destruction under supervision. All these special services are offered at your company office or on-site that helps you better manage information risk.

Secure Monitoring

Destruction of documents can be done with witnesses and can be controlled with cameras. Video system monitors the destruction of documents by shredder made to ensure safe destruction of materials.

Innovacycle personnel collects paper, documents and materials identified for secure document destruction, brings them to the shredding vehicle, and shreds them right at your doorstep.

Paper shredding doesn't have to be a chore. We serve many surrounding counties and based in Somerset we pick up your paper so you can focus on what matters. We offer the best prices for paper shredding than anyone in Somerset. Request a free quote for paper shredding or any other of our destruction services.

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