Affordable, Reliable Paper Shredding

Innovacycle has years of proven experience in shredding paper securely and reliably. No other paper shredding company has served Somerset more reliabily and professionally than Innovacycle. Our teams are dedicated and experienced in disposing of sensitive information. Leave the paper shredding to the professionals and witness our shredding process firsthand.

On-site Shredding Services

Innovacycle personnel collects materials identified for secure document destruction, brings them to the shredding vehicle, and shreds them right at your doorstep. Creating a worry-free paper shredding experience is our job. Our specialized vehicles can handle large volumes of paper shredding jobs, data and other product destrcution.

Secure Monitoring

Destruction of documents can be done with witnesses and can be controlled with cameras. Video system monitors the destruction of documents by shredder made to ensure safe destruction of materials.

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