• Q. What type of service does Innovacycle provide?

    A. Innovacycle provides secure on-site mobile paper shredding services. We operate a fleet of mobile shredding vehicles that come right to your door when you need it. Innovacycle's mobile shredding unit destroys your confidential documents curbside at your location. You always know that your confidential material is destroyed prior to it ever leaving your facility.

  • Q. What types of collection containers are available?

    A. Innovacycle provides three types of standard collection containers free of charge: Security Consoles, Large 64-gallon totes and Super-size 95-gallon totes.

  • Q. How often will Innovacycle come to my facility?

    A. Innovacycle schedules regular shredding service based on your needs.

  • Q. What happens if our containers are full before the scheduled pick-up time?

    A. Just call Innovacycle customer service and arrange for a special pick-up service. Your next pick-up will take place as scheduled.

  • Q. Do I need to sort papers and remove paper clips before shredding?

    A. No, there is no need to sort papers or remove paper clips, staples, file folders or other bindings before shredding.

  • Q. Do I need to sign a contract with Innovacycle?

    A. Innovacycle requires service agreements for all scheduled customers.

  • Q. What happens to my confidential material after it is shredded?

    A. As a benefit to the environment, all shredded material is recycled.

  • Q. My company uses an off-site paper shredding service - is it sufficient?

    A. The most secure document destruction method available today is on-site mobile document destruction. We controls the entire process from collection of documents to destruction, in a convenient environment where you can witness the destruction process right outside your door.

  • Q. Does Innovacycle conduct background checks on its employees?

    A. Our personnel undergo comprehensive background and integrity screening program.

  • Q. How does Innovacycle charge its customers?

    A. Innovacycle charges by the unit (container or box), so you always know your costs up front.

  • Q. Can personally witness the document destruction process?

    A. Yes, you can witness the destruction process via the monitor installed on each mobile shredding vehicle.

  • Q. What type of payment does Innovacycle Document Destruction accept?

    A. Innovacycle accepts checks, money orders and major credit cards.

  • Q. I do not need ongoing shredding services, just a one-time office clean-out. Can Brink's Document Destruction provide it?

    A. Yes, we provide both ongoing service and one-time clean-outs.