Plant-Based Shredding & Baling System

Mobile Shredding Trucks Available

Whether you need a single piece of used equipment or an entire shredding and baling system, we've got what you're looking for. Call for more information on any of the products shown below.

Equipment List:

- Maren horizontal auto-tie baler, model 203-103, with 8″ bore main cylinder and 30 Hp motor

- Endura-Veyor 60″ cart tipper designed for either dual 95-gallon or single 190-gallon containers

- Endura-Veyor shredding truck unloading conveyor

- Ameri-Shred model 750 plant-based shredder

- Allegheny model 20-350C plant-based shredder

- Dust collector for shredding system with dust handling fan

- Allegheny 20-350C conveyor with 20 Hp motor